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If you’re planning a significant kitchen or bathroom renovation this year, think about adding a laundry room remodel to the mix. When combined as a package deal, you can save considerably compared to remodeling the laundry room on its own, and there are multiple ways your design-build team can upgrade its efficiency and style.

As one of the most used-family centers in a home, the functionality of a laundry room is essential to efficient workflow in a household. However if you have a small laundry room that is no longer able to support the increased needs of their growing family. Then a laundry room remodel might be needed to keep up with your families needs

Laundry Room by Design

Whether it’s visible to the public eye or set back into the recesses of a hallway, homeowners are choosing to create laundry rooms that mimic the style of their home or kitchens. This yields designs that mimic farmhouse designs or modern aesthetics, and make the laundry room a more attractive space to spend an hour or two sorting, folding and ironing.

Laundry Room Finishes

Innovative finishes mean you can enjoy a cozier feel in the laundry room without having to worry about water or moisture damage. Pre-engineered hardwood floors add warmth and texture. If you’re still worried about potential floods or water exposure, consider using porcelain floor tiles that bear a striking resemblance to natural wood.

Function & Efficiency

As with kitchens, homeowners are taking a look at how they use their laundry rooms, or how they could use the space and then designing accordingly to their needs:

  • Fold-down racks for clothes drying – they improve the life of your clothes and cut down on the amount of energy used for the dryer.
  • Durable, easy to clean surfaces – quartz countertops are an excellent option in laundry rooms because they can be washed or scrubbed with just about anything and they’ll last for the lifetime of your home, no chips, no cracks or stains.
  • Organized storage – like the kitchen, pullout shelves and customized storage options mean you can whip your laundry room into shape, ensuring there’s a place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Folding Island – If you have the room, consider adding a folding island in the middle of the space. If space is limited, add a countertop above the front-loading washer/dryer and use that as your folding station instead.

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