KBM has started a new division, For The Trades, to specifically focus on builder relationships. Together we have created streamlined processes that can be tailored to your specific needs. The focus is creating a positive customer experience that reflects your values at a more affordable price point with a first-in-class product. They can become your cabinetry design and order team, taking that segment of your business to the next level. KBM-For the Trades would be an excellent resource to add to your offering. If you are interested or would like more information, contact KBM-For the Trades at your convenience.

The “Trade” in For the Trades is you!  During the creation  of For the Trades, we have fined-tuned its model and mission to serve builders, contractors, architects,  interior designers and their clients.

  • Designers and Architects:

    We leave it up to you, the professional, to determine the ‘level of presence’ and amount of involvement that you desire from our staff. Do you want to manage your own client meeting? Be our guest! A team member will still be ‘on call’ if you need us. We’ll familiarize you with sales aids and samples so that your meeting is smooth and efficient. Or ask us to join in for part or for all of your client appointment. We want what’s best for your style of meeting.

  • Builders and Developers:

    Think of For the Trades  as an extra player on your team. We are poised to provide as many or as few services as you need to get the job done. Relying on For the Trades saves you the cost of adding cabinet specialists to your own team. You’ll enhance your reputation by offering your satisfied buyers great design and well-known quality cabinetry that is delivered on time.

  • Client Consultations:

    It’s not about us. We strive daily to be better listeners than talkers. This is not a threatening place. With a successful selection process in mind, it’s best to send or accompany your buyers to a quiet setting where they can focus solely on one of the most important purchase decisions they’ll make. Relationship building is one of the things we do best. It’s a great foundation for the rest of the process.

  • Cabinet Design and Revisions:

    For the Trades by KBM will design functional and aesthetic spaces according to your wish list and handle any revisions needed for the plans.

  • Field Measurement:

    Upon request, we visit the jobsite to gather field dimensions. This visit also gives us additional insight into which options might yield the best results for you.

  • Order Writing, Placement and Editing:

    For the Trades writes the cabinet orders and submits them for production. The accuracy of each order is guaranteed as a result of our direct communication with our manufacturers throughout the production process.

  • Installation and Coded Plans:

    You will receive detailed installation drawings with codes that correspond to each delivered package. For the Trades by KBM makes it simple for the builder and your onsite installers.



Creating the industry’s best cabinetry takes years of experience – 80 years, in fact. Constructed completely in-house by professional cabinetmakers, every Wood-Mode cabinet is a unique piece of beauty.
There’s no substitute for experience, and it shows. The Wood-Mode brand stands for time-tested, time-proven and time-honored craftsmanship – a hallmark that will continue throughout its future. Wood-Mode is proud to employ nearly 600 employees at its Kreamer, PA-based facility. In many cases, Wood-Mode team members are second or third generation employees with decades of experience.

Dura Supreme

For nearly 70 years, Dura Supreme has been entrusted with building custom and semi-custom cabinetry for homes across the nation. Choosing cabinetry is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your home, which is why we believe a kitchen should last a lifetime. We craft each piece in our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring quality, consistency, and an everlasting finish.



Our mission is still the same, to combine high-quality materials, with our experience to craft beautiful custom cabinetry that will complete the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. Bridgewood produces a product line that is flexible enough to meet most budgets, but custom enough to meet almost any customer’s needs. Unlike many manufactured cabinets, your kitchen is built to your specifications to fit only your home.


For The Trades

7755 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Niles, IL. IL. 60714
Office - (847) 967-8500
Cell - (847) 254-0400