Kitchen Trends to Avoid In 2019

A kitchen remodel can add plenty of value to a home.

Unlike many other projects that provide little to no real return on investment, updating your kitchen can put up to 100% of the remodel cost back into your pocket when you sell the home.

But, not all updates pay off. Keep reading for a quick look at five kitchen trends to avoid.

Distressed Wood

While distressed wood might be at the height of popularity at the moment, it’s a trend that may not be destined to last.

The most obvious candidate for distressing in most kitchens are the cabinets and cabinets are notoriously difficult–and costly–to update or replace.

So, consider the costs and the life of the trend before making this trend a part of your kitchen. Unless you’re looking for a truly rustic decor, it’s best to stick with something a bit safer than distressing your cabinetry.

Kitchen Desk

While this once popular trend might seem like a great idea, its popularity has gone by the wayside.

Even if much of life does revolve around the kitchen, you may want to think again before adding a desk to your kitchen. A built-in desk in the kitchen might be useful to you, but the style has grown dated, making it less than desirable for prospective buyers.

If you want to improve the resale value of your home, skip this trend.

Tile Countertops

Tile countertops have grown in popularity in recent years, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for your kitchen.

Tile can be tough to maintain. Many tiles can chip easily, making the appearance of your counters. Tile grout is also prone to wear, showing its age over time and ultimately requiring replacement.

Styles tend to come and go with tile too, quickly rendering today’s popular look obsolete.

Brass Hardware

The hardware on your kitchen cabinets and drawers is one of the easiest things to replace or update–but it’s also one of the easiest things to get wrong.

Metal hardware is in, but not all metals are equal. Once a cabinet staple, brass hardware is probably not the best choice if you’re considering swapping out your cabinet hardware.

Go with a darker metal instead, or opt for a different look with brushed nickel or stainless steel.

Kitchen Trends to Avoid: Brightly Colored Appliances

It seems like everything these days is available in loud, bright colors–including appliances.

While bright colors might be trendy now, trends like this tend to come and go. So, before you pick up a lime green refrigerator, think again. Brightly colored appliances could end up really hurting your home’s resale value.

Putting it all Together

Trends can be a lot of fun. But, the problem is … they’re trends, and trends have a way of coming and going.

Safer choices may not be as fun to make, but they tend to look better and pay off more in the long run.

Keep up with the latest styles and learn which ones to follow–and which kitchen trends to avoid–on our blog.

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